Lash Artist Auditions

What is an audition?

If you have you a prior experience with Eyelash Extensions and are interested in being a Garnet Gem, we invite you to participate in an audition!
Our auditions are our version of a practical interview! This is your chance to show us your skills!
You will be asked to provide your own tools and model to perform a Full Set. You may be asked to perform a Refresh as well on an additional model. 
You will be given two hours to perform a Full Set and one hour for a Refresh. Your goal will be to get your model(s) 100% full, as well as pass our guidelines found in our audition form

How do I schedule an audition?

Our application form can be found on our CAREERS page.
Our Studio Manager will reach out to you for a formal interview, if your availability and qualifications are what we need then we will go ahead and move forward with scheduling an audition!

What goes on during an audition?

You will be asked to perform Eyelash Extension Application in our studio.
During this time, a Lead Garnet Gem will come in and check your performance just to see where you are in your journey.
This is not a mentoring session, so no feedback will be given until the audition is complete. Once complete, the Lead Garnet Gem will do one final look through and fill out an audition form letting you know how you did! 

What happens after an audition?

If your standards match up with ours we will start you as an Apprentice Lash Artist!
Your time as an Apprentice is essentially up to you and how quickly you build your skill and timing.
Once you have shown you are an Garnet Expert Lash Artist your graduation will follow!

Need Practice
If you are needing just a couple of tweaks to your technique or timing, we will offer you a few hours of time to come into the Studio and work with a Lead Garnet Gem.
This is not a full training or mentoring session. 

Need Training
This will be suggested if your standards do not meet ours.
We offer Mentorship and Training for aspiring Lash Artists at the Studio which will help catipult your career!