5 Factors on How Often to Touch Up Lash Extensions

Each person has individual needs when it comes to getting a Lash Refresh/Refill/ReLash/Touch-Up.

The most important thing to understand is that your eyelash extensions need to be done correctly for any of this to even matter.

If you suspect they were installed improperly for any reason (multiple lashes glued together, extensions not adhered to the base, poor quality adhesive, etc) then your lashes will not last as long as they should anyway.

If you know you’re in good hands, then you’re safe to proceed with the following recommendations on how often to have your lashes done!


1. Home Care & Hygiene

We’ve all been told that we should steer clear from touching our lashes. And while this is true (especially with oil-laden fingers), some TLC is also definitely necessary.

Applying and removing makeup will no-doubt put some wear and tear on your lashes. Someone who never puts eye-makeup on, will have longer lasting lashes than she who wears liner daily. Either way, a clean lash-line is a happy lash-line, so after you’ve enjoyed the use of your eyelash-friendly makeup, we recommend you follow-up with eyelash-friendly makeup remover and/or facial cleansers. Keep your lashes clean and clear of any build-up.


2. Activity Level

How active are you in bed? Do you toss and turn? Or do you sleep like a mummy, arms crossed over your chest, adorned in gold? The most common detrimental activity to your eyelash extension longevity will be sleeping even somewhat with your lashes smashed.

I personally can only truly fall asleep on my side. I have also trained myself to make sure my pillow is positioned just right so that my face is literally hanging off and no lashes are in contact with anything. Do I trust myself through the night? Well… sorta.

Exercise: We should all be doing it! Just make sure if you tend to sweat… a lot… that you make sure your headband is handy to absorb sweat before it rolls into your lash-line… bringing dead skin, oil and potentially other hazardous substances into your gorgeously placed extensions.


3. Genetics

There is a correlation of hair length, texture and growth cycle to genetic variation. Knowing how the hair on your head behaves gives clues about how your lashes may behave.


4. Hormones & Medications

Hormone treatments/imbalances, medications and supplements can heavily effects the way your hair behaves both on your head and on your eyes.

Being aware of this can help troubleshoot why you may feel like your lash cycles have changed or could be influenced.



5. Personal Preference

Everybody’s lash preferences are unique!

Do you have to have your lashes looking thick and full 24-7?

Do you prefer a look that looks more natural and do not mind the more sparse look of week 3?


I personally, I love my lashes full, all the time. They make me feel good! I toss and turn through the night.. and I love my eyeliner. Because of this, I prefer to have my lashes done every 2 weeks.

Ultimately, trial and error is the best way to figure out what works best for you, 🙂

- Danielle


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