Classic and Hybrid and Volume.. oh my!

Classic Hybrid and Volume Eyelash Extensions

All of the sudden... there are so many choices!! What does this mean you may ask? Why do the prices vary?

Classic Eyelash Extensions are the original gangster in town. If you have been getting lash extensions that look a lot like your mascara, then you are probably experienced with the application technique known as Classic Eyelash Extensions.

The technique of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions has been around for several years. Until recently, it was rare to see them done properly. In fact, the majority of attempts that we saw coming into Garnet from other lash locations were an utter eyelash massacre.

In this very delicate, highly-skilled application technique, a group of fine, synthetic lashes is expertly chosen and formed in the moment right before adhering to your perfectly isolated natural lash. It is only when this is done in the most experienced manner that a client can experience this feathery fantasy without damage to their natural lashes.

I decided to research seven different techniques, studying with established trainers around the United States before bringing Volume Eyelash Extensions to Garnet Lash Studios.

Starting in 2017, I personally began to offer Volume Eyelash Extensions on my own clients to ensure the products and techniques used were preserving the health of my client's natural lashes. 

Now, Garnet Gems at both locations are confidently offering safe Volume as well as Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, which is a mixture of Classic and Volume application techniques. The prices vary due to the increased skill, effort and products used during these advanced techniques

Curious? Mention that you read this blog post and we will give you $10 off your first hybrid or volume appointment. Warning: you might just get hooked. :)

With Love+Light!
Danielle Rae :)