Caring for your Lashes

At Garnet Lash, we are all about loving your lashes and yourself!
We want you to wake up every morning feeling like #iwokeuplikethis! 
Part of this lash love affair is ensuring you do your half: taking the best care of your lashes to give them a long, full life. 

These are our top lash tips!

  • Clean lashes are happy lashes!

    • Wash your face gently and softly around the delicate eye area. We highly recommend using Brilliant Lash Pro Cleanser, which is formulated for use with eyelash extensions

    • Clean lashes ensures there is no added weight or buildup that can effect the health of your natural lashes.

    • Avoid glycol in your facial products. More specifically, avoid anything with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene, or Propylene Glycol.

  • Love your lashes!

    • Brush your lashes as needed, to organize and remove shedding lashes.

    • Resist touching your lashes with your fingers. You might have dirt or oils that can create build-up in them so stick with the brush.

  • No need to hide from water!

    • We use water during your appointment to cure your lashes, so you actually leave completely waterproof! Shower on.

    • If you sweat a lot, keep in mind that sweat often carries oils and toxins, and do want to keep these away from your eyes. Workout a lot? Wear a headband! Makes all the difference.

  • Sleep peacefully.

    • Any lashes (both extensions and natural) can be damaged when you sleep face-down. Try sleeping on your back, which has the added benefits of helping posture and reducing muscle aches.

    • If you are a side sleeper, make sure your lashes are "hanging" off the side of your pillow.

    • If you wear an eye mask, make sure it doesn't crush your lashes or compress your eyes (which can also give you wrinkles). Instead, pick up one of our eye masks that cup above the eye area.

    • Cuddles: always encouraged.

  • Select makeup carefully.

    • Avoid anything oil-based or waterproof.

    • If you want an extra glam look, wear water-soluble mascara on just the very tips of your lashes. If you aren't sure whether your makeup is extension-friendly, ask your lash artist!

    • Avoid eyelash curlers.

    • If you are seeking a more dramatic look, discuss your desires at your next lash appointment! We can help you select the best extensions for you and your natural lashes.


Finally, don’t wait too long between your Refresh Appointments! Garnet Lash Artists are trained to safely remove and replace extensions that are growing out, never damaging your natural lashes. 
Seeing us regularly ensures fresh lashes and an even look that makes your lash glam dreams come true!

We love you!