Hi! I am Danielle! :) CEO and Founder of Garnet Lash Studios, Garnet Lash Academy, Brilliant Lash Pro,  Trillion Professional and LASHES+COFFEE Livestream.

I am fiercely passionate about the industry of Eyelash Extensions. After paying my way to a Bachelor's of Science Degree at SDSU, I found that I was already living my dream: helping people feel beautiful inside and out. 

Using my background in Chemistry, I helped to formulate a low-fume, medical-grade adhesive, for safe use with eyelash extension application. Brilliant Lash Pro Adhesive is now used around the world by many successful lash studios including our own.

I have invested the past six years of my life training beauty professionals on how to be successful in living this dream, doing what they love and helping others.

I have since built numerous teams of successful Eyelash Extension Artists in both of my home studio locations in San Diego and Monterey, as well as across the country. 

My belief is there needs to be proper education in the installation of lash extensions in order for the industry to grow and flourish!

Only when applied properly, damage to natural lashes can be eliminated. My goal is to bring this knowledge across the world!

My journey continues... as I speak and mentor Lash Artists across the world.

You can tune in with me Monday-Friday, where I host LASHES+COFFEE Livestream on Instagram and Facebook

I am honored to have been recently nominated by the National Association of Lash Artists for the Lash Industry Advocate Award and a finalist for the Lash Mentor Award.

I have been invited to speak at the Lash Artists International Conference, as well as featured in Lash Inc. Magazine! Check out my features below!

Find me on Instagram >>>> @lashexecutive

Want lashes by me?

Although rare, I occasionally take clients at both San Diego and Monterey Garnet Lash Studios.

Master Pricing

Classic Eyelash Extensions
Full Set $400
Refresh $105

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
Full Set $450
Refresh $175

Volume Eyelash Extensions
Full Set $500
Refresh $200