Q: What are eyelash extensions?
A: Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are adhered to individual, natural eyelashes.  Unlike false or strip lashes, extensions are attached one by one to individual eyelashes and NOT to your skin. Extensions enhance your natural beauty by adding length and fullness to your existing lashes.  They allow you to wake up looking radiant and ready to go, without even a swipe of mascara!

Q: How long do they last?
A: When properly cared for (, your eyelash extensions will last until your natural eyelashes fall out as they normally would.  Exact timing varies because of genetics and lifestyle, however the average shedding of natural lashes takes place at the rate of two to five lashes per day. To maintain your look, see us for a Refresh session every two to three weeks.

Q: Are they safe?
A: Yes. When properly applied, eyelash extensions are a safe and convenient alternative to wearing mascara and strip lashes.

Q: I've heard eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out.  Is this true?
A: No way!  When properly applied and cared for, eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes.  Instead, your natural lash will shed as it normally does, taking the extension with it.  A new lash will grow in its place. All Garnet Lash Artists are trained and certified by Garnet Lash Academy in proper and safe application techniques


Q: How do I prepare for my appointment?
A: Come to your appointment with clean eyes. This ensures that your artist can focus on adding lashes and not subtracting makeup. Please arrive 5 minutes early to ensure a parking spot!

Q: What happens during a full set appointment?
A: You will lay on one of our extremely comfortable beds and your Lash Artist will examine your natural lashes. She will discuss the look you want to achieve and add her professional opinion about what is safe for your natural lashes as well as what will last the longest. Your Lash Artist will cover your lower lashes for protection, then begin the process of individually adhering extensions to your natural lashes.  This procedure is safe, painless and relaxing. Lash naps are welcomed and encouraged! To conclude, your Lash Artist will remove the protective covering from your lashes and give you a first look at your new eyes. Your life will be changed!

Q: How long will my appointment take?
A: The type of appointment you chose, and with what level of Lash Artist will determine the timing of your appointment. Please refer to our Services Menu to learn more about appointment lengths. 

Q: I had my extensions applied somewhere else. Can I still have my lash Refresh at Garnet Lash?
A: Sure! Since lash styling and technique can vary so widely from salon to salon, we require clients with lashes from an outside salon to book a "Refresh PLUS+."  This service provides our Lash Artists with enough time to fully assess your existing extensions and determine the best route for you!  To preserve the health of your natural lashes, we may not be able to fill the existing work (generally in the case of improper installation) and may instead recommend a removal and application of a fresh full set.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

Q: Help! I don't like my lashes from somewhere else.  What can you do? 
A: We're happy to help! If the lashes are unsafely applied, we may recommend removal and replacement with a fresh, customized Full Set from one of our highly trained Lash Artists


Q: How do I care for my eyelash extensions?
A: Caring for your extensions is simple!  Avoid touching your lashes with your fingers, rubbing your eyes, and allowing excessive sweat to drip down into your lash line.  Be gentle with them, and sleep mindfully! Do not curl them, and avoid all oil-based products near your eyes (makeup, makeup remover, sunscreen, etc.).  Use Brilliant Lash PRO Foaming Cleanser to keep them squeaky clean!

Read our top lash-care tips here.

Q: Can I wear eye makeup?
A: Extensions are so remarkable on their own, that will enjoy the fact that you may not need any additional enhancement. After all, our goal is to take the place of your mascara!

However, if you just can’t live without your eyeliner or mascara, go ahead.  Just make sure it’s water-soluble and oil-free. Oils used in facial and makeup products can loosen the adhesive bond, causing the extension to separate from the natural lash and fall off prematurely. 

When you remove your makeup, be gentle.  Please be advised that even if you choose to wear oil-free makeup, there’s added "wear-and-tear" and a chance that your bonds may still be loosened resulting in premature fallout.