Eyelash Extensions

It's our specialty.
Clients visit us from all over San Diego and Monterey County because of our unmatched standards and convenience.
We are a team of trained and certified specialists and will help you customize your look to your needs while protecting the health of your natural lashes.
We carry 100's of sizes to provide you with your preferred length, shape and curl.



Book a Full Set when you have no extensions on, have less than 25% eyelash extensions remaining, or it's been 5+ weeks since we last saw you. 

We don't count lashes. We focus on getting you as full as possible.
*The total number of lashes applied in each set is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have.  


(2-3 weeks)

This is our lash maintenance appointment for guests who have lashes installed by us.

We call it a Refresh because we do more than refill your lashes. We remove and replace any outgrowth and any eyelash extensions that do not appear to our standards from wear and tear.

Average visit frequency is every 2-3 weeks depending on a client genetics, lifestyle, and expectations. Discuss with your Lash Artist to see what's best for you.
Read more about Refresh Frequency + how to care for your lashes.

*Must have at least 50% extensions remaining to be considered a Refresh. Few or no lashes remaining will require the application of a new Full Set.  

Beyond 5 weeks, we require Full Set application.


(3-5 weeks out)

This is an extended maintenance appointment.

Schedule a Refresh Plus if it's been over three weeks since we have done your eyelash extensions or you just need extra time for Lash Therapy.

*If you're coming to Garnet Lash with extensions applied from another studio, this appointment type is required.


(within 7 days)

This is specifically for a quick touchup for special events and/or for a Refresh within 1 week of your previous appointment at Garnet Lash Studio. (up to 30 minutes)

*You may not leave as full as usual for this quick appointment.


Parting ways with your lashes?  
Book this to have them safely removed (please, never try to remove them on your own!).
$25 for removal or complimentary with a Full Set.


Expert Lash Pricing

Take $100 off all Full Sets with Expert Lash Artists for a limited time!


Full Set $300
Refresh $85
Refresh PLUS+ $145
Mini $65


Full Set $350
Refresh $130
Refresh PLUS+ $185
Mini $100


Full Set $400
Refresh $155
Refresh PLUS+ $225
Mini $120

Apprentice Lash Pricing

Only Classic Eyelash Extensions available


Full Set $250
Refresh $65
Refresh PLUS+ $105
Mini not available

What's the difference?


Garnet Expert Lash Artists have mastered the speed of Eyelash Extension application and have ample experience with performing to Garnet Lash industry standards.

Most of our artists are considered Lash Experts and have an average of 3-5 years of experience.


Garnet Apprentice Lash Artists have practiced extensively with a Garnet Mentor to ensure performance is to industry standards.

During apprenticeship, the focus is acquiring enough speed to be considered a Lash Expert.

Appointments with an Apprentice is offered at a discounted rate in exchange for the extra time needed to complete appointments.