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This is not your typical lash education. This program has been developed with the success of the Lash Artist and the satisfaction of her future customers. We prefer you elaborate on your individual style, and encoura (3).png

how it works


1. Immediate learning

After registering for your desired training dates you will receive instant access to our Online Course. We have worked endlessly to give you the best learning experience. Access this course will allow you to digest and study the important information before your in-person training.


2. hands-on

Our two-day extensive education training retreat will give you the confidence you need to start your lash career. Our passionate instructors will teach you everything you need to know about safety, Garnet methods, product knowledge, and the ins-and-outs of the industry. We pride ourselves on giving you the personalized hands on experience you need to ensure your success.


3. Certification

Become a Garnet Lash Academy multi-certified lash artist. You will leave feeling more confident, supported, and badass than ever. This is just the beginning of your success story. With continued support and education opportunities you are destined for greatness.


meet the mentor

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Danielle re-trained me and completely changed my lash life! In one day, with the tips and tricks, amazing product, time they spent visually showing me, watching me, and answering my questions thoroughly, I went from a struggling lash artist to confident lash pro who can now deliver beautiful, full, lashes on every single lash in half the time.


Danielle is a superior mentor in this industry and she has the practical knowledge from years of experience to help you learn the best techniques in the trade. It has been an honor to learn from a master of the "lash" craft. The hands on, in depth, training she has provided has prepared me for a promising future in the industry that I love.


I was feeling extremely discouraged, and ready to give up on lashing. Then I met Danielle and had the opportunity to participate in her training program. She changed everything by providing the right tools and sharing her expert knowledge.


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Multi Certification: Volume, Hybrid + Mega $1395.00

Join us for a two-day training retreat and gain more than just knowledge!

If you can learn to isolate properly, you can apply any type of lash.

Utilize our online training platform to supplement your outside studies.

Optional Class Add-On (+$250)
The Monday After 9:00-12:00pm
Marketing & Revenue Building with one-on-one consultation

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