Welcome to Garnet Lash Studios

Established in 2007, we proudly deliver the highest standards of eyelash extension application to our two beautiful coastal California cities, San Diego and Monterey.

Our specialty is Eyelash Extensions. We do not do them “on the side,” and we don’t “practice” on our customers.

We are Certified Lash Experts and are extensively trained by Master Lash Artist, Danielle Rae.

We care about the health of your lashes and practice only the safest techniques and use medical grade adhesive.

Your lashes are safe with us.


Having eyelash extensions can change your world. Feel confident, turn heads and wake up looking fabulous. Here, at Garnet Lash Studios our main priority is maintaining the health of your natural lashes. All of our Lash Artists are Certified in an application technique that guarantees no damage to your natural lashes. 

Do your research, your eyes can't be replaced.

Eyelash Extension Mentoring San Diego Monterey


Performing eyelash extension application is a very delicate and challenging procedure. Amongst one of the most dangerous services that can be offered under an Esthetician and Cosmetology License, you want to ensure that you have the proper technique and tools necessary to maintain an outstanding reputation.

Learn with Garnet and you are guaranteed to succeed,